In view of the holiday season, and being over 8 weeks post partum now, it’s time to slowly start shedding those baby pounds.

To do: snap my before pics and make sure I’ve got the right work out gear and a few clothes that I can work out in comfortably.

Today’s workout was courtesy of @thefoodmedic

4 sets of:

  • squat to calf raise x20
  • side lunge 2×15
  • split squat 2×16
  • glute bridge x20
  • single leg hip thrust 2×15

I’m hoping I’ll be able to hit a Zumba class this weekend (potentially my regular classes next week).

Almost 39 weeks

The last time I posted was at 20 weeks. Feels like so much time has gone by since then. I’ve been off work for the past week, wanted to do a few more extras before officially going on maternity leave, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. So I am now officially off work, and I’ve had time to get back into social media, which I’ve neglected so badly. And so many things have changed. Part of me wonders if it’s worth is keeping a blog – seems so old school now, especially since my website doesn’t seem to have any clear focus anymore. Perhaps I should keep it for random thoughts?

What a Whirlwind

I’m encroaching on my 20th week of pregnancy and it feels fantastic! Granted, the first trimester had me feeling mostly nauseated and super exhausted. But those nasty feelings have passed, my baby bump’s begun to show, and I can finally recognize the baby’s kicks and moves inside me!

I wish I took more of an initiative to blog about this from the beginning, but it is what it is.

Here’s yet another attempt at a blog revival.

Knitting Frenzy

I hate that it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, and when I do blog, I feel that I don’t have anything substantial to say.

That being said, I’ve been knitting a lot in the last year. Picked up crochet again. And today I googled what looms are all about and I’m curious to try  that out too.


I crocheted a throw recently. I’ll post about it later in more detail.

Work is work. I’m on call all week from tomorrow. Saturday I have vacation, so I’m going home for a little.

That’s all I’ve got for now.