Company’s Coming! 

Last week, I finally wrote the MCCEE. Results coming out in about 8 weeks.

Coming up next week is the tortuous deadline for having all my work -related tick boxes filled in and completed by the appropriate people. This is one of the worst and most useless things of the Foundation Program – the dreaded ePortfolio. In theory, it’s a great concept; but in reality, there’s so much useless shit associated with it that it really does end up being just a tick box exercise at the end of the year. But enough about that.

My good news this week came from one of my closest friends who lives in Scotland – she got accepted into the same GP program as me and we’ll be spending the next three years working together!!! She started looking for a place to live and she’ll be coming down to visit in a few weeks to check out the area. Can’t wait 😉

Two Weeks

A lot ishappening over the next two weeks. 

I’ll find out how my GP interview went and I will likely be offered a job. I’m not doubting this at all -I just want to know where in the country it’ll be. 

I’ve got a good friend dropping by to visit next weekend. V and I made sure we were both free for the weekend. Now we just need to plan some activities to keep our guest entertained. 

I will finally find out what happened with my core surgical training interview and whether I will get a job offer or not. This I’m less certain of than the GP situation. And if I do get an offer but am forced to move, will I take it if at the same time I’m offered a GP post located where I am right now? Does that make sense? I hope so. 

Finally, within two weeks from now, I’ll be in Canada with friends and family I haven’t seen in a few months! Can’t wait!

Phone Obsessed

I was obsessed with Candy Crush and Soda Saga previously. So I deleted the apps off my phone. Thought it better to get rid of games and spend my time on social media. 

Then I realized I still had solitaire and briscola on my phone. So now I go between playing those in my spare time. It might actually be time to delete them as well. 

I am just obsessed with being on my phone… Too obsessed. 

Goal for the week is to stop looking down and instead look around to see what’s happening around me. 

Happy Holidays!

I’ve managed to have Christmas off to spend with Vince. We’re outside of London these days, which has actually really set well with us. It’s less busy. We’ve got a nicer place now. 

There’s a lot going on. I’ve got exams and interviews coming up over the next few months. There is no certainty about what is happening August 2016. Everything is exciting! Everything is a rush! 

I would write that I hope to blog more and this and that – but let’s be real… I’m not making any promises. I would like to have more time to write and blog. I would like to be able to write meaningful things every couple of days, but work…

Luckily I had all of Christmas off. I work this week. And then I get to be on call New Year’s Day. At least I’ll be able to ring in the new year with Vince. 

So until my next post, ta-ta! 


I’m on vacation this weekend. Only, last week, one of the residents from the old hospital informed us that the old hospital was looking for someone to locum for a week for £35/hour. I jumped on that as quickly as I could, especially since it was with my old surgical team. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the whole week, but Monday and Wednesday only – the two big non-surgical days.

It was nice to be back. I knew exactly where to go, I knew what to do, I knew where to find things, I knew who to call when I needed it. It felt great. Despite not being able to enjoy any actual surgery those two days, I felt on top of the world. Plus I didn’t mind staying late when I had to because I was getting paid hourly.

This is one of the perks of “graduating” from being a first year doctor to a second year doctor – you get full registration and are able to take up extra shifts anywhere else in the country. I believe you normally go about it via an agency, but if you know the managers at your old hospital, you can pick up shifts that way as well by being added onto the Staff Bank.

In a way, I’m glad I only worked two days, and not the entire week. Now I get to enjoy the next four days of sleeping in and lounging about.

This reminds me, I need to learn the entire head and neck anatomy by Tuesday so I’m ready for my grilling… And the boss loves his details too.