-- August 25th, 2014, 10:15 pm

Since starting work earlier this month, I’ve been super busy. I’ve left home once again, moved into a new place, a new city, a new time zone – yet again. At least I’m not alone on this adventure.

It has had its ups and downs. The studying never seems to stop! Even now, I’ve decided to take a little break from my studying to write this.

Currently enjoyed my first long weekend – today was a holiday. Tomorrow is a full day in the AMU, followed by my regular psych shift on Wednesday, all-day training on Thursday, and back to psych on Friday before the weekend. At least it’s going to be a short week.

Swimming with Dolphins

-- August 7th, 2014, 8:00 am

After we got married, my husband and I had a day to clean up, and pack up for our honeymoon. We’ve had a long-time vacation tradition we started in our first year of dating. It involved Cuba. Every year, starting in 2004, we would take a week off from school and our jobs and relax. I can’t say how it compares to Mexico, Dominican, or Jamaica, because I’ve never been, but I love Cuba as a vacation spot. It’s friendly, safe, clean, and fun. And my husband and I have been to resorts all over the country.

This year, we went back to Cayo Santa Maria. We’ve only been once before, when the location was relatively new to receiving tourists and there was only 3 or 4 resorts on the island. But we fell in love with the white sand beach and crystal-clear water. This year, there are several more resorts on the island, and we stayed at one of the newer ones.

I also finally, finally, finally got to swim with dolphins! I’ve been wanting to do this since the first time we went away, and Hubby finally caved in. And all I can say about it was that it was an awesome experience and I would definitely do it again!

I also finally bought an underwater camera. And learned that both myself and the hubby are really bad at taking underwater selfies.







I Got Hitched!

-- August 4th, 2014, 8:00 am

That’s right! I’m married to my best friend. After 10 years of dating, 4 years in a long-distance relationship, we’re ready to start our lives together. We tied the knot mid-June after planning and putting everything together over the previous 6 months. I wanted to post earlier, but we just got our pictures from the photographer (ugh – who I personally have something against) now and I really wanted to throw something into the post.











Tsukini kawatte…

-- July 9th, 2014, 6:35 am

… oshioki yo!

My absolute favorite anime of all time, Sailormoon, is back! They’ve remade the series basing it on the manga this time around. The first episode was pretty similar to the first episode of the old anime, but it’ll be interesting how it progresses. All I can say is that I’m super excited!!!

New Beginnings

-- July 1st, 2014, 11:40 pm

It’s time for most new medical school graduate to begin work! While I won’t be starting in the hospital for another month, I can’t wait to hear what everyone else has to say about finally working! It’s been 4 years since most of us had some sort of income, so it’ll be nice to finally see a paycheck. The adventures of medical school are now officially behind us, and the journey of residency is just beginning! Best of luck! Fake it until you make it!