Still Studying

I should be done school by now. Classes and exams are over. I, however, skipped one of my exams. Since my skip date, I gave in a doctor’s note and have been trying to get in contact with my prof to schedule a retake. She never got back to me, and she’s somewhat lazy so I figured she would just take the exam’s weight and add it to both my midterms (like she did for other students who missed a midterm – she took the 25% that it was worth and added it to the exam’s weight). But no, I can’t get that lucky.

I got an email yesterday informing me of the retake test date – next Tuesday. By now, I’ve also managed to forget everything I learned, so I have one more week of tedious studying. Re-studying. It really sucks. She asks really random questions too because I don’t think she’s read 80% of the book, she just posts lecture slides of the figures and tries to explain what goes on in the figure (which is really, really annoying).

On a more positive note, I feel like my new life is starting come September. I can’t wait for my summer to start.

Almost over

The semester went by so fast! Only two more days of school to go, one more essay to hand in, and four more exams over the next two weeks before I am free! For about 3 weeks. My week of hell (last week, part of this week) is winding down. I’ve got a 2,000-word essay to write about song lyrics and life writing. And I’ve got to find some time to finish up my research work in the lab before the holidays – and finally submit my time sheets so I get paid!

Well, this was short. I needed a break from school work – and I feel like I needed to update here as well.

Plans for the break – maybe find a part-time job; relax; sleep; work on a few extracurricular projects; sleep; relax.

Studying for the MCAT

One of my big events of the summer is writing the MCAT. I bailed on it last year when I realized that I was completely unprepared to write it. I’ve dedicated my time to get ready for it this year.

Using a prep book to review the topics helps. However, the book is very general so if you haven’t covered the basics of university biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics, the book will not be useful to you.

I’m starting with the biology review. Considering I’ve been studying 90% biology over the last four years, this should be the shortest and easiest review. Apparently, it hasn’t been working out that way. I was hoping to have the section finished by tomorrow, but I’m finding that time to myself has been very scarce lately.

I will be done with biology this week though. And from there I will move into the General Chemistry review.

Poster Prep for CSM Conference

I have a conference to go to in a week and a half – the Canadian Society of Microbiologists conference in Montreal. R and myself submitted an abstract about our research a few weeks ago, without expecting much – and to our surprise, we were accepted to do a poster presentation at the conference. And our prof, Dr. H, was nice enough to help fund our trip.

R and I just finished 99% of our poster tonight. There are a few more things we need to edit here and there, but we’re pretty much done. It’s going to be a 4’x4′ poster about the detection of ammonia oxidizing bacteria in drinking water treated with chloramines. I did the PCR part of the research and R did the FISH analysis and microscopy portion. It was a fun and hectic year, but I’m really glad it’s over now.

I don’t have much else to say. Gotta volunteer at 7am tomorrow (err… today). Ouch! Goodnight!