Pamper Me Silly

Medical school is officially behind me! No more classes! No more clinics! Not as a medical student anyway.

Thursday was my last day of classes. We had clinics in the morning, followed by an afternoon final exam for the course, and then a presentation afterwards. Since then, we’ve gone out as a class and celebrated. Then again we celebrated. And we celebrated some more. I’m exhausted.

Today I finally had enough motivation to get back to the gym for a solid workout. I was on a week-long lazy trip; half-assing workouts here and there. I was also finally motivated enough to clean up my room and clean out quite a bit of trinkets here and there that I don’t need anymore.

I also sold my bike! I’m so saddened by it. My little companion made travel around the city so easy! Now I’ll have to get used to walking again from place to place (like to breakfast tomorrow).

To cheer myself up, I decided to get my nails done. It’s actually been a really long time since I’ve had any sort of nail care in a salon. I used to get acrylics, which looked really pretty but damaged my nails to badly. I tried those UV nails today. I must say that I’m quite impressed so far. But we’ll see how I feel once it’s time for them to come off – apparently, I can’t just use nail polish remover…

I’ve also made an appointment to get my lash extensions refilled. And tomorrow once that’s done, I’ll make another appointment for a pedicure.

It’s time I pampered myself a bit after so long!

And who knows, maybe I’ll even end up buying this ridiculously-priced dress just because I deserve it.

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