House On The Hill

The last four weeks have been chaotic. Moving out of one place, starting at a new hospital. New home. New city. I’ve been at my new home for a week now, and we’re still settling in and unpacking. Didn’t realize how much stuff we’ve accrued over the last year until we saw the moving van filled with out belongings.

I’ve also not been fully introduced to everyone I’ll be working with in ENT. All us newbie docs had an induction on the first day. On the second day, I was sent away to Brighton for a full day course on ENT. It proved to be very useful because we went over some medical emergencies and common problems, and how to manage them appropriately.

I started actual work on nights, having swapped my shifts in October. So I worked Saturday and Sunday night this past week. I was freaked out going in because I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know where to go. Apparently, there was another induction for all us ENT trainees last Friday, which I didn’t attend because I wasn’t emailed about it. I felt completely lost when starting. The other doctor who was finishing his on-call was nice enough to give me a brief run down as to what to expect.

My two first nights were manageable. I was the only ENT doctor in the hospital, so it was daunting when I was paged to go see patients for review, or patients who attended the emergency department with problems. But thanks to the course, it was fairly easy to get through the night. And it wasn’t awfully busy. And, as a bonus, I got a good amount of sleep in too.

Monday morning was good because that’s when I met more of the team, and that’s when I felt that there are actual senior doctors around that I can ask for help. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more day shifts until next Tuesday. I go for another weekend of nights this week.

Having so much time off is weird. I feel like I should be more productive, but I’ve been in this lull where I don’t want to do anything. Slowly coming out of it though. We’re renting a two bedroom house, so I’m using the extra room as my “man cave.” Finally got around to tidying it up. Still have things to put away, but I think I’ll prioritize with all the expenses I need to claim for the last month first. Then worry about setting up all my hospital accounts before work Friday night. Then whatever else comes my way.

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