Happy Holidays!

I’ve managed to have Christmas off to spend with Vince. We’re outside of London these days, which has actually really set well with us. It’s less busy. We’ve got a nicer place now. 

There’s a lot going on. I’ve got exams and interviews coming up over the next few months. There is no certainty about what is happening August 2016. Everything is exciting! Everything is a rush! 

I would write that I hope to blog more and this and that – but let’s be real… I’m not making any promises. I would like to have more time to write and blog. I would like to be able to write meaningful things every couple of days, but work…

Luckily I had all of Christmas off. I work this week. And then I get to be on call New Year’s Day. At least I’ll be able to ring in the new year with Vince. 

So until my next post, ta-ta! 

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