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I’m really awful at updating, I know. Since my last post in July, I’ve moved up the ladder at work and am now a GP trainee. One of my closest friends from medical school works with me in the same program and in the same hospital. I bought a car. I upgraded my iPhone (finally). And I’ve probably gained a good 20lbs.

I’ve also applied for the MCCQE1, which I will be tackling in April/May. Studying starts now (just spent a lovely $200 on a Q-bank).

I continue to toy with the idea of writing the Canadian exams to give it a shot to apply to Canadian residency. On the other hand, I finish all my training here in less than 3 years now and I can look towards a fellowship in EM in Canada instead (with a part time role as a surgical assistant)… So many opportunities.

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  1. Hi there! Awesome blog! Been following you for a while. I’m about to take the MCCQE1 in a few weeks and I wanted to get your take on it. Was it similar to EE? Would love to hear your advice here or via email.

  2. Hi Guru, I did actually find the QE1 very similar to the EE with regards to question styles and the type of material tested. To be honest, studying by doing Canada QBank questions helped me tremendously.

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