Summer Project #1

This summer, I’ve decided to transform my tiny, oddly-shaped closet into something useful. The shape of my closet is slightly different than your typical closet, however, and it’s extremely tiny which is why I don’t use it everyday. It’s somewhat of a rhomboid-trapezoidal shape. I keep my purses on the floor (my belts are in there too somewhere) and I hang some of my warmer, winter/fall clothes in there. Basically, my closet space is useless to me. Which is why I’m going to transform it, from:

–> TO –>

I was going to go with using wood materials, but a metal/plastic look might be better. I haven’t decided on that yet. But I’ve started to look into it, and hopefully I can get started on the construction part sometime next week – or even this week if I have time. This is summer project #1. We’ll see how it goes.

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