To-Do List

To-Do ListI’ve recently started down writing everything I have to do. And by that, I mean EVERYTHING! And it really helps – partly because I’m so forgetful. But also because it motivates me to take a look at all the simple things I have to do and it makes me work. Otherwise, I’d go about my usual business of forgetting what I was going to do and doing nothing. Wasting time – what I do best.

I did use my iPad as a to-do list before, but I gave up on that quickly. There’s some sort of personal gratification I get from physically writing things down on a piece of paper and then highlighting them off once they’re complete. Satisfaction!

Maybe I should add “code a new layout” to my list as well. But I know that won’t get done for a while… Do you use a to-do list? Is it paper-based or have you gone to using technology? If you’ve happened to stumble upon this and are reading, leave a comment, yo!

Note: I’m trying my hardest to get back into blogging. I’ve been out of it for a while, and I feel as though I’ve lost my sense of writing. So my phrases may seem odd and grammatically wrong. And I’ll probably be using a lot of the same interjections over and over again. But give me time. I’ll remember bits and pieces of creative writing once more. Oh, and I’ll also try to post some more thoughtful posts.

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