I actually feel like writing more! I did spiff up the layout just a tad, but I really don’t like the overall scheme, so I will code something new and exciting eventually! And I say eventually, because I might start working on it tonight and have it finished by tomorrow, or I might put it off until I have time in a week, or a month, or a few months. If I had to make bets, I’d go with the latter.

I do have three important things on my to do list, however, and I just can’t seem to want to get them done.

  1. Study for the Situational Judgement Test that I have coming up in December. I bought a book with 250 scenarios, and I’ve made it to like 190 or maybe even 200 at this point, but I’ve been slacking off. I wanted to be going through it a second time right now. Oh well, slow and steady – I guess.
  2. Write up a research proposal. I think I was supposed to do this in September. Yup. Pretty sure it was then. I was on my pediatrics elective and made a discovery that really enticed by attending and he told me I should research it a bit more and perhaps write up my own research proposal so that we can conduct trials in the hospital. — Do you have any idea how hard this is to do ?!? I seriously have no motivation to get this thing STARTED, but I really want it done already…
  3. Go through a powerpoint presentation that is like 200 slides long, which only covers thyroid and parathyroid cancers. 200 slides! My current attending on my surgery elective ran out of time to lecture me, so he gave me a flashdrive with his notes instead. I feel like this will be my top priority this weekend, and this may be the one thing I actually get done.

In other news, here’s me promising a new layout is coming: So I’m going to start working on putting a new layout together! And here’s me promising more blogs: I’m going to blog everyday from now on! Yeah – although I’d love to have something new and interesting to throw up on here, my life is actually quite boring. And hell, even if I wanted to write crap just for shits, I’m either too tired, busy googling (read: procrastinating) other random things, or coming up with so many interesting things to write about in my head to the point where actually writing them tires me out.

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