March is Match Month

It’s currently the time for all final year medical students to start finding out what specialty and where they will be working come mid-summer. The Canadian Match occurred this past Wednesday, so I’m glad to all my friends that are now able to start planning the next few years of their lives.

I didn’t participate in the Canadian Residency Match this year. I’ve actually grown quite fond of Europe and the European lifestyle, so I only applied to the UK Foundations Program. My match results will be out this coming Monday. So 3 more days!

I feel like the last half year were a lot less stressful for me than for others who applied to the Canadian and American systems. My application was short and sweet. I didn’t have to worry about personal statements, reference letters, and whatever other paperwork was necessary for the process. I’m in awe of those who went through that though, while doing international electives at the same time; flying out for interviews; etc.

A week after my match, the bulk of my class will find out their US Residency Match results. And then I feel that most of us will be able to relax until we all graduate in May. There’s just over two months left for most of us to enjoy Europe.

That’s currently one of the only interesting things going on in my life right now. I’m hoping to hear good news on Monday, and then I can start planning my life for post-graudation.

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