Company’s Coming! 

Last week, I finally wrote the MCCEE. Results coming out in about 8 weeks.

Coming up next week is the tortuous deadline for having all my work -related tick boxes filled in and completed by the appropriate people. This is one of the worst and most useless things of the Foundation Program – the dreaded ePortfolio. In theory, it’s a great concept; but in reality, there’s so much useless shit associated with it that it really does end up being just a tick box exercise at the end of the year. But enough about that.

My good news this week came from one of my closest friends who lives in Scotland – she got accepted into the same GP program as me and we’ll be spending the next three years working together!!! She started looking for a place to live and she’ll be coming down to visit in a few weeks to check out the area. Can’t wait 😉

Coming to an End

I’ve got less than a month left to go in psych. Seeing as it was on the bottom of my choices of specialties, I have to say I am thoroughly surprised that I like it as much as I did. It’s been bumped up on my list as of now.

I have just under a month to go. Plus I have two weeks of vacation this month as well, so it’s more like two weeks of psych left.

Time has flown since starting in August.

Coming up next for me is surgery. I’ve been assigned breast surgery, but then I was emailed that it’ll be general surgery, but I haven’t had a chance to talk to the other doctors who are on breast surgery now to find out what it actually is. I did email my clinical supervisor for surgery but have not heard back from him yet. I doubt I actually will. So perhaps my best bet will be to ask the other junior docs what’s up.

Short post.

I’ve been trying to get back into finishing up my new layout/design, but I can’t work out the kinks and it’s super frustrating. Sometimes it’s tempting just to download a theme and use it, but I’d really rather try to make something I can call my own. So I guess I’ll spend a bit more time trying to learn how to piece everything together again.


Since starting work earlier this month, I’ve been super busy. I’ve left home once again, moved into a new place, a new city, a new time zone – yet again. At least I’m not alone on this adventure.

It has had its ups and downs. The studying never seems to stop! Even now, I’ve decided to take a little break from my studying to write this.

Currently enjoyed my first long weekend – today was a holiday. Tomorrow is a full day in the AMU, followed by my regular psych shift on Wednesday, all-day training on Thursday, and back to psych on Friday before the weekend. At least it’s going to be a short week.