Planning Out Electives

Third year hasn’t even ended yet, and I’m already planning out my fourth year. Actually, I’ve been planning it out since November. This also means that I need to know what specialty I’ll be applying for come next October. Talk about planning ahead! I find it hard enough planning out one week ahead. Currently, I’m trying to plan an elective somewhere around London for late November/early December of this year – only because there will be an exam I’ll have to write, so doing an elective around that time will (in a way) save me a trip to England. And then I can fly home from England, which will be a shorter flight =) After I plan this out, I’ll only have one more month to worry about – so one more elective.

Halfway done M2

I’ve neglected this site. I’m bad.

But I never realized exactly how busy med school would be. I mean, I knew I’d be busy, but I thought I’d have time to blog. Ok, in reality, I probably do have time to blog, but my life is so repetitive and boring. I go to school, I go to the gym, and I study. And it’s hard to talk about anything because I could either write about what I learned (or failed to learn), or how cold it is outside, or what classes I did at the gym. It’s not like I can discuss patients or anything.

Maybe I’ll start posting my creative meals, or my gym schedule.


Right now, I’m off to study.

Life is hard…

I always knew med school wasn’t a walk in the park, but I’ve been finding it difficult to find time for anything other than studying and the occasional weekly party/outing. 6 more exams until winter break, and then I’ll be able to sleep and relax for 3 weeks before getting back into the grind.