What to do?

I’m currently supposed to be studying. For what? I’m not too sure… Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking about my blog. I have to admit that I haven’t been using it as often as I’d like to, so that’s my fault really.

I’ve had a layout in the works for months now! I started working on it probably in late May, and then took a hiatus from it since July. There are some PHP kinks I tried to work out to no avail. And so I kind of gave up. Ok… not really gave up. Life got in the way.

And while I’d like to work on my layout and finish it up, I can only foresee that life will continue to get in the way. This week I’ve got something big coming up, which I will hope to blog about eventually. For now, there’s this.

I would like to eventually write about work – the kind of work I do, the patient’s I see – but I have to figure out how I can do this in a HIPAA-friendly manner. Not sure what kinds of privacy exists in this country, but I’m obviously going to try my best to comply with keeping as patients are safe and anonymized as possible. Perhaps I will just blog about what I’ve learned over the week. I don’t know… But I do know I need to start writing again.


Since starting work earlier this month, I’ve been super busy. I’ve left home once again, moved into a new place, a new city, a new time zone – yet again. At least I’m not alone on this adventure.

It has had its ups and downs. The studying never seems to stop! Even now, I’ve decided to take a little break from my studying to write this.

Currently enjoyed my first long weekend – today was a holiday. Tomorrow is a full day in the AMU, followed by my regular psych shift on Wednesday, all-day training on Thursday, and back to psych on Friday before the weekend. At least it’s going to be a short week.

New Beginnings

It’s time for most new medical school graduate to begin work! While I won’t be starting in the hospital for another month, I can’t wait to hear what everyone else has to say about finally working! It’s been 4 years since most of us had some sort of income, so it’ll be nice to finally see a paycheck. The adventures of medical school are now officially behind us, and the journey of residency is just beginning! Best of luck! Fake it until you make it!

Can I stomach it?

I’ve always known that my stomach wasn’t able to handle quite everything. As a kid, riding the bus during school field trips would cause me to rush to the bathroom once we reached our destination. I managed to get over that, but the sight of certain things still causes my stomach to churn and the partially digested food I’ve just eaten begins to make its way back up the wrong tube. For instance, people’s fresh boogers and puke still make me want to… well, puke.

The point of this is a recent event at the hospital. I have yet to work with kids, and I’m lucky enough that I don’t have to deal with too many of them. However, one day as I was changing patients, there was a child playing in the playroom with his family. He happened to regurgitate everything he ate for breakfast. No problem, I thought. There’s no need to call housekeeping – I’ll just grab some paper towels and help his family clean it up. Oh boy was I wrong. As I inched closer and closer to the spew on the floor, I felt my stomach rumble. I dropped some paper towels on the floor and slowly bent over to scoop everything up. My eyes began to fill with tears. My stomach began to rumble a bit more. And then I felt it – my gag reflex had been initiated. No – lucky I didn’t add to the mess. I removed myself from the scene and ended up calling housekeeping to clean up what remained of the mess. With my eyes still glistened over, I told the family that I thought I could stomach helping to clean up, but I couldn’t.

This leads me to wonder what kinds of bodily fluids and messy spills I’ll have to handle during medical school. I mean, I know I can handle the sight and smell of blood, but the human body contains a lot more fluids and other various excretions that can be expelled from the body at any time. Will I be able to maintain my composure? Maintain my recently digested meals? I guess I’ll just have to find out when the time comes and hope for the best.

** I’m attempting to post more often than normal, but I’m finding it difficult. And the picture above was taken while at Wasaga Beach a few weekends ago. **