Third Year Ain’t So Bad

So third year has begun, and it is so much more relaxing than first or second year – well, in some regards. Classes aren’t bad, but there are next year’s electives that have to be dealt with, and that’s pretty time consuming.


Life has been uneventful otherwise. I’m GTL’ing today. I also started volunteering in the ER, which is a nice way to meet different doctors and nurses. Plus I get to practice random skills like suturing, casting, inserting catheters and IV lines. I also get to brush up on my EKG-reading skills.

I don’t know what to do with this blog. I feel restricted as to what parts of my life I can write about. And forget about writing how I feel – that would just be disastrous… What I wanted to start doing was posting more about random medical topics that come up during rounds and wards. I always write down things like, “Look up pulmonary alveolar proteinosis, , Leriche syndrome, etc…” but I find I almost never have time to actual do it. So maybe I’ll start – and I’ll post what I find here… Maybe…