My new room

I’ve made it to Krakow, Poland. The journey was long and arduous, but I finally feel like I’m ready. Leaving my family at the airport was hard, because once I crossed over customs, I realized that I was completely alone. The one fear I know I have is the fear of being alone. I guess the realization itself wasn’t scary, but it was depressing.

I spent the last week with my grandparents in Wroclaw. It was a nice week of doing absolutely nothing but reuniting myself with family members, some of which I haven’t seen in the last 20 years. When I was dropped off earlier today, that lonely feeling wasn’t so bad. I think it just took some time getting used to it. I’m actually going to miss my grandparents, but it’s now time for me to grow up.

With that, I present my new room:

It’s nothing big and fancy and glamorous, but it’ll suffice for now. I was initially supposed to have a one-bed room, but everyone informed me that it was small TINY and without a closet. I didn’t mind it, but I guess you can say I was talked into taking the two-bed room, considering that I’ll have no roommate. It cost a bit more, but at least I’ll have a closet and some more space.

In other news, I broke my iPhone. Well, not the phone itself, but the tiny sliding device that holds your SIM card. I put a new SIM card in and I believe that it fell out, because the device can’t be opened with a paperclip or anything else. However, I dropped it off to get fixed today and the guy at the phone store told me that the device that pops the slider open may be broken. It makes sense. I left it with him and hopefully I get to pick up a functioning iPhone tomorrow morning, along with a new local number as well.

And I guess that’s it for now. I’m going to attempt to look for some classmates, make myself something to eat, and lounge around. If you’re interested in my journey over the last couple of days, my LiveJournal has that 😉

PS – local time is 4pm, not 10am. I should change that.

16 More Days!

Yes, that’s right. Only 16 more days until I fly away. What’s left on my to-do list?

    Packing. I need to figure out what items I will need right away, and which item I can wait for (which will be delivered by boat and will arrive in 8 weeks). I need to ship out my Fall/Winter stuff ASAP so I can receive it by October. My friend has offered his address, so that I have somewhere concrete and nearby to ship my stuff off too.
    Paperwork. The school’s received all my paperwork, and I believe that all I have left is to pay for tuition, which I will do next week. Also considering getting the international drivers license, need to get temporary health insurance, and… I think that may be it.
    Misc. There’s a whole bunch of other crap I need to look into and remember to do as well. OSAP, car stuff, work stuff, bills/credit cards, etc. Plus, making a new layout before I go away can also be added to the misc. category.
    Knitting. I started knitting a blanket a few months ago. My boyfriend claimed dibs on it, and helped fund the project as well. I am probably done 90% of it, and I hope (need/must is more like it) to finish it before I leave.
    Saying goodbye! Can’t forget to say goodbye to the important people, plus all my friends and family.

I’m just frazzled. It was only last week where I was saying, “Three more weeks to go! That’s plenty of time!” Oh how time flies…

RSS and Google Reader

I’ve discovered Google Reader! While I’m still not entirely sure what RSS means and does, I have started subscribing to website via RSS with Google Reader – and I love it! It’s like my own personal newspaper filled with things I want to read. I spend less time on the internet because instead of jumping from site to site to see who’s updated and what’s new, I just open up my Reader and if someone’s updated, their news is right there. This will be a helpful time-saver when I start school.

Speaking of school, in the grand countdown I have 36 days left until I fly away. I finally have a bit more time since my full-time job ended. I really need to start packing, but I have no idea what to pack!

Can I stomach it?

I’ve always known that my stomach wasn’t able to handle quite everything. As a kid, riding the bus during school field trips would cause me to rush to the bathroom once we reached our destination. I managed to get over that, but the sight of certain things still causes my stomach to churn and the partially digested food I’ve just eaten begins to make its way back up the wrong tube. For instance, people’s fresh boogers and puke still make me want to… well, puke.

The point of this is a recent event at the hospital. I have yet to work with kids, and I’m lucky enough that I don’t have to deal with too many of them. However, one day as I was changing patients, there was a child playing in the playroom with his family. He happened to regurgitate everything he ate for breakfast. No problem, I thought. There’s no need to call housekeeping – I’ll just grab some paper towels and help his family clean it up. Oh boy was I wrong. As I inched closer and closer to the spew on the floor, I felt my stomach rumble. I dropped some paper towels on the floor and slowly bent over to scoop everything up. My eyes began to fill with tears. My stomach began to rumble a bit more. And then I felt it – my gag reflex had been initiated. No – lucky I didn’t add to the mess. I removed myself from the scene and ended up calling housekeeping to clean up what remained of the mess. With my eyes still glistened over, I told the family that I thought I could stomach helping to clean up, but I couldn’t.

This leads me to wonder what kinds of bodily fluids and messy spills I’ll have to handle during medical school. I mean, I know I can handle the sight and smell of blood, but the human body contains a lot more fluids and other various excretions that can be expelled from the body at any time. Will I be able to maintain my composure? Maintain my recently digested meals? I guess I’ll just have to find out when the time comes and hope for the best.

** I’m attempting to post more often than normal, but I’m finding it difficult. And the picture above was taken while at Wasaga Beach a few weekends ago. **

My flight is booked

I have just finished booking my flight for school. I’m leaving August 26th, arriving in Warsaw and then transferring over to a smaller plane to fly onward. My grandparents will pick me up and give me a place to stay (and eat!) for a few days. Come September 1st, I will be dropped off at my new place, and then I will have a few days to get myself settled before starting school. My flight back is booked for December 22nd.

This means I have just under two months until I’m off. Am I nervous? Not yet. I also guess that I’m taking things for granted. I have less than two months to spend with my friends and family. And then I’m leaving them all behind, only coming back to visit for a few weeks at a time for the next 3 or 4 years.

My boyfriend is the only one that realizes this – which is why he comes by more often than ever. He will be one of the people that I’m going to miss the most. No more wake up calls in the morning. Instead, he’ll be eating dinner as I get ready to go to sleep. He’ll be going to bed as I wake up. This will be my first, real, long-distance relationship. Note to self: be nicer and spend more time with the boy.

I’m also going to miss all my friends. My best buddy Res is busy with her nursing path, working two jobs this summer; Augie is starting a new masters project in September; Kat is busy with work for the summer while deciding between two paths in undergrad; Ro is super busy with school, work, and maintaining a music career; and Mags is planning a wedding. Note to self: squeeze in some bingo nights and dinners with the gals.

Being optimistic, I really look forward to meeting all my new classmates come September. New friends and new adventures await! I’m going to be starting anew – it makes me super excited! 58 more days until takeoff!