My flight is booked

I have just finished booking my flight for school. I’m leaving August 26th, arriving in Warsaw and then transferring over to a smaller plane to fly onward. My grandparents will pick me up and give me a place to stay (and eat!) for a few days. Come September 1st, I will be dropped off at my new place, and then I will have a few days to get myself settled before starting school. My flight back is booked for December 22nd.

This means I have just under two months until I’m off. Am I nervous? Not yet. I also guess that I’m taking things for granted. I have less than two months to spend with my friends and family. And then I’m leaving them all behind, only coming back to visit for a few weeks at a time for the next 3 or 4 years.

My boyfriend is the only one that realizes this – which is why he comes by more often than ever. He will be one of the people that I’m going to miss the most. No more wake up calls in the morning. Instead, he’ll be eating dinner as I get ready to go to sleep. He’ll be going to bed as I wake up. This will be my first, real, long-distance relationship. Note to self: be nicer and spend more time with the boy.

I’m also going to miss all my friends. My best buddy Res is busy with her nursing path, working two jobs this summer; Augie is starting a new masters project in September; Kat is busy with work for the summer while deciding between two paths in undergrad; Ro is super busy with school, work, and maintaining a music career; and Mags is planning a wedding. Note to self: squeeze in some bingo nights and dinners with the gals.

Being optimistic, I really look forward to meeting all my new classmates come September. New friends and new adventures await! I’m going to be starting anew – it makes me super excited! 58 more days until takeoff!

My own work

And it’s up. Seems that everything is in working order. My first WP theme.

If you find anything wrong with it, please do let me know.

Any comments and criticisms are also very appreciated.

I feel like everything is finally falling into place as well – with school, work, and life in general. And it’s the little things that can make the good times seem even better. For instance, I got my air conditioning (in my car) fixed a while back, and it worked for a bit, but then something went wrong and it stopped working. Over the last few days, I decided to play around with it and it started working again! And that made me happy.

If this wasn’t a vague entry, I don’t know what is. I’m off to scavenge the house for food now, while can only serve to make me more happy 🙂