Studying for the MCAT

One of my big events of the summer is writing the MCAT. I bailed on it last year when I realized that I was completely unprepared to write it. I’ve dedicated my time to get ready for it this year.

Using a prep book to review the topics helps. However, the book is very general so if you haven’t covered the basics of university biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics, the book will not be useful to you.

I’m starting with the biology review. Considering I’ve been studying 90% biology over the last four years, this should be the shortest and easiest review. Apparently, it hasn’t been working out that way. I was hoping to have the section finished by tomorrow, but I’m finding that time to myself has been very scarce lately.

I will be done with biology this week though. And from there I will move into the General Chemistry review.

2 week notice

This was the first time (ever) that I have given a two-week notice at a part-time job and actually followed through with it until the end. I thought it would be awkward and I expected the managers to act weird towards me, but it was completely different. I did my work and everyone treated me.. well… normal.

The truth is – I hope I never work retail again for as long as I live. In a clothing store anyway. I kind of felt like I was one of the oldest people there (well, I kind of was). There were so many new people that started over the last three weeks and everyone was 18 or 19 years old. Those who have been there longer than I have are about my age or older, and I think they’re all starting to realize that they should either find something else, or become management. One of the older girls gave her two-week notice in as well. If I wasn’t in school, I’d go into being a merchandiser or inventory manager, because I like that kind of stuff. But I’ve been in university for four years and by now I should find a job that’s somehow academically related to what I’ve been learning.

Anyway, on a brighter note – my summer job gave me the go-ahead for next week’s conference – BUT I have to be back at work Friday morning because my co-worker that I work with starts vacation then. So this week is slightly stressful for me because I’m trying to learn how to run ICP-MS all by myself. Once the instrument is calibrated, I have no trouble loading samples and doing all the appropriate paperwork. But starting the thing is another story. So that’s what I’m learning this week.

I should really add a to-do list to my life somewhere because I keep losing track of what I’m supposed to do. I finally decided with R how we’re getting to Montreal – train. Now we just have to buy our tickets (maybe tonight, or tomorrow for sure). Signed up for my MCAT prep course (finally). I cleaned my room yesterday – now I’m just going to tidy up the loose ends.

Poster Prep for CSM Conference

I have a conference to go to in a week and a half – the Canadian Society of Microbiologists conference in Montreal. R and myself submitted an abstract about our research a few weeks ago, without expecting much – and to our surprise, we were accepted to do a poster presentation at the conference. And our prof, Dr. H, was nice enough to help fund our trip.

R and I just finished 99% of our poster tonight. There are a few more things we need to edit here and there, but we’re pretty much done. It’s going to be a 4’x4′ poster about the detection of ammonia oxidizing bacteria in drinking water treated with chloramines. I did the PCR part of the research and R did the FISH analysis and microscopy portion. It was a fun and hectic year, but I’m really glad it’s over now.

I don’t have much else to say. Gotta volunteer at 7am tomorrow (err… today). Ouch! Goodnight!


Hey.. welcome to the new! I can’t wait to blog again! Most of the site is done. There may be a few things to fix here and there. But this is pretty much it!