What a Whirlwind

I’m encroaching on my 20th week of pregnancy and it feels fantastic! Granted, the first trimester had me feeling mostly nauseated and super exhausted. But those nasty feelings have passed, my baby bump’s begun to show, and I can finally recognize the baby’s kicks and moves inside me!

I wish I took more of an initiative to blog about this from the beginning, but it is what it is.

Here’s yet another attempt at a blog revival.

Unexpected Birth

Working in the ED is not without its own source of entertainment. From drunks to drug addicts, to patients with actual medical illnesses and emergencies – there are plenty of cases to learn from.

A 20 year old girl attended ED with abdominal pains. She had just found out she was 39 weeks pregnant the other day. She screamed for help in the bathroom, not knowing she was actually in labor.

Nurse: Congrats, it’s a beautiful baby boy!

Boyfriend: If that baby’s term, it ain’t mine.

It was a full term, healthy baby boy…