In view of the holiday season, and being over 8 weeks post partum now, it’s time to slowly start shedding those baby pounds.

To do: snap my before pics and make sure I’ve got the right work out gear and a few clothes that I can work out in comfortably.

Today’s workout was courtesy of @thefoodmedic

4 sets of:

  • squat to calf raise x20
  • side lunge 2×15
  • split squat 2×16
  • glute bridge x20
  • single leg hip thrust 2×15

I’m hoping I’ll be able to hit a Zumba class this weekend (potentially my regular classes next week).

8 More Sleeps Until Christmas

christmas_holly_iconChristmas is now just around the corner! I’ve also started my new post and am now driving to work each day. To be honest, I was dreading driving on the wrong side of the road, but it’s really not so bad. I think having lived in the country for a while, you get used to looking right instead of left when crossing the road and driving comes with that same instinct.

Vince and I have started our fair share of buying Christmas gifts for one another as well. We always agree on nothing extreme, but small things we’ve been wanting here and there.

christmas_jumper_sweaterIn other news, we are joining the ugly Christmas sweater (or jumper as they call it her) bandwagon. Only I quite like the sweaters we bought. I’ll have to remember to take some pictures to post on here later on.

I’ve just renewed this website for another two years. I feel bad for constantly pummeling money into hosting and domain names, but I really can’t bear to part with this. And I’m also hopeful that I will eventually find a blogging niche. I don’t even think anyone pops by to read anything I write currently, so this really is just my own little space on the interwebz at the moment.

Anyway, I’m on nights this weekend, so I’m off to nap before work!


Just wishing everyone and their families Happy Holidays! If you have a day or two off, relax and enjoy yourself. If you have to work, hopefully you don’t have to work too hard.

My Christmas Wish List

I feel like I can be a very difficult person to shop for. I never need nor want nor ask for anything. I never expect anything. Probably because I’d never expect anyone to buy me what I actually want. And here’s what’s currently on my ostentatious wish list:

1. Canada Goose vs Parajumper jacket for winter. I’m in the need for a jacket upgrade. The Goose would be nice, but it seems like everyone and their grandma has one, so a Parajumper jacket would totally make my day 😉 [a REAL one too – cheap-ass fuckers with knock offs piss me off so much! Yes, if you own one, that’s exactly what I’m calling you!]

2. A Heart Rate Monitor. I’ve got a natural normal bradycardia (slow heart rate) of around 55 bpm when resting, and then my heart rate can shoot up to 170 bmp after an intense run. While I can get by with holding onto those metal bars on a treadmill after my run, it would be nice to be able to just check my watch to see how my heart’s pumping. [However, one of those newer monitors that includes just a watch; and not the whole strap-around-the-bust apparatus. Yeah, I’m picky.]

3. Kegel Exercise Balls. Too personal? I don’t think so. Sometimes my bladder is like a bank vault. Other times, it’s ready to spring a leak with a sneeze or cough. I’d like to keep it like a vault all the time, and what better way then to practice strengthening my pelvic muscles.

4. Sock Slippers. Two pairs please. One for me to walk around my apartment in. And another pair for sleeping. Simple enough, right?

5. Solid Gold Belly Ring. My skin reacts to jewelry that’s not gold, silver, titanium, or stainless steel. And I just want some gold bling for my belly.

6. iPhone 5S. Cause, you know, the 5 is just so out-dated now.

If someone [*cough* Mom… Dad] actually buys me something here, I’d be overjoyed. If not, no worries. I still love ya 😉