Almost 39 weeks

The last time I posted was at 20 weeks. Feels like so much time has gone by since then. I’ve been off work for the past week, wanted to do a few more extras before officially going on maternity leave, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. So I am now officially off work, and I’ve had time to get back into social media, which I’ve neglected so badly. And so many things have changed. Part of me wonders if it’s worth is keeping a blog – seems so old school now, especially since my website doesn’t seem to have any clear focus anymore. Perhaps I should keep it for random thoughts?

I Resolve To…

It’s that wonderful time of New Year’s Resolutions.

And I realize that this has fallen around the time when I finally have time to hunt for a gym because I’m on annual leave (aka, vacation) this week. I have to admit that walking into a gym and asking about memberships and such makes me feel like one of those people who:

  • have made a resolution to start working out this year;
  • are looking into joining a gym; and
  • will stop working out within a month from now because that seems to be the natural order of things for most people.

It really makes me feel self-conscious about it, especially considering that I’ve been putting on weight ever since I’ve moved away from home, and I haven’t been inside an actual gym in a good 5 months now. Just to clarify, I am looking for a gym again, only because my existence requires me to attend a gym regularly. Without it, I feel like … Well, I feel different. I have no resolution to start working out this year because working out is just a natural way of life – there’s no need to resolve to start something you’ve already been doing.

So if we get back to New Year’s Resolutions – what are mine, you ask? Reflecting back on the last year, I have to admit that there are a few things I would like to change/maintain this year.

  • iPhone: less gaming, more social media. It’s time for me to resist the urge to play Candy Crush and Bubble Witch, and get back into the habit of checking Twitter and Instagram once again.
  • Designerskin: as always, I’d love to get back into the habit of blogging on a regular basis. I’m not making this a “new year’s” resolution, but more of a life goal (if there’s a difference between the two).
  • Debt: nothing new here, but to maintain repaying my debt with $1000/month, and a bit more here and there if I have the funds for it.
  • Food: healthier snacking and less eating. I blame moving to a new country for this one. It has been much easier (and cheaper sometimes) to go buy a greasy meal from the chicken shop on the corner than to walk to the grocery store for some fruit and veg. Stores here close early too. But both Vince and I have slowly adjusted to the way of life here, and we’re able to budget ourselves without overspending, so this is becoming more manageable.
  • Book club: maintain my monthly book club with my friends and continue with reading at least a book a month.
  • Zumba: become an instructor (there is a beginner’s class at the end of January, but I think I’ll try to save some money and perhaps do the class mid-February or March instead). No rush, but this is something I really want to do.

I guess that’s the short-list. Actually, that’s pretty much all of it. What are some of the things you’re hoping to start up or maintain this year?