Cooking Tabs

I’ve got way too many tabs open and many of them are recipes that I would to try one day. Unfortunately not any day too soon because the next couple months are going to be busy.

Cheese-stuffed pizza pretzels – should be a fun and quick recipe to try with Gabby one day

Strawberry blondies – this looks yummy and simple to make

Cream cheese-filled banana bread – ok. More dessert recipes

Roasted sweet potato salad – I can’t remember if I actually had this or not. Looking at the recipe, it’s not something I’d normally go for…

Cannellini bean, raspberry, and spelt blondies – also looks yummy and simple to make

New Orleans-Style Beignets – mmmmm one day when I can deep fry somewhere

Libby’s Pumpkin Pie – my go-to classic

Orecchiette With Creamy Carrot Miso Sauce – delicious

Italian almond cookies – made these and they were delicious

Fresh homemade peach cobbler – I think I made a variation of this

Tomato sauce recipe – looks like I must try this one day

Stuffed bagel balls – this looks like I have to try it one day

Kidney bean brownies – this also looks like it would be worth a try one day

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